Mariel Kinuko Cartwright

Hi, I’m Mariel!
(I also go by my middle name Kinuko.)
I’m a Japanese American artist, animator, and game developer. I am currently freelancing with studios like Future Club, Wayforward, Necrosoft, Evening Star, and more.I am probably known most for my past work on Skullgirls and Indivisible, and I am Creative Lead on the upcoming release of Clock Tower with Wayforward and Limited Run.I also have given various talks on art and animation, including this talk on 2D animation at GDC 2014. I've also recently mentored with AIAS and the Animation Diversity Foundation.✨ I am open to contract work doing 2D animation, illustration, or consulting!
Please email me from the link below. ✨
In my own time, I run a Patreon for 18+ illustrations and sell original tshirts and artbooks through my store, Koibeat.